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Barrier Management Solutions

Barriers are a crucial part of your life safety plan & odds are your barriers aren't up to code. We take that burden off your mind. We have a few different programs to ensure compliance & the safety of those utilizing your building in the event that there was a fire.

Services offered 

We offer a variety of inspection & repair services. Call us & we can help you get your building compliant & stay compliant! Don't entrust life safety issues to people who aren't solely focused on life safety! 

Life Safety Consultation

Having a plan is the first step! We will evaluate your current plan. Fix any mistakes & create a new one for you if needed. 

Firestop Compliance

Firestop is complicated. You want experts to review your systems in any locations that have had work done. Health care facilities & schools are notorious for non compliance & we solve that problem for you!

Fire Damper Compliance

Fire dampers are critical to a safe building. Are yours fully functional? Have they been damaged? 
We provide the peace of mind through inspection & repair to make sure these are in working condition!

Firedoor Compliance

Firedoors are critical to the safety of a health care facility & to other properties as well. We have a program to ensure that you stay compliant! We reduce your risk & keep people safe in the process. 

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